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UMN MapServer
Geospatial Data Abstraction Library
General Information about the release-1928-gdal-3-9-0-mapserver-8-0-1.zip package

This package contains all the required files to successfully run MapServer and GDAL related applications on Windows. The files are organized according to the following directory layout:

  • \bin - Contains the common dll files.
  • \bin\gdal - Contains the GDAL related directories.
  • \bin\gdal\apps - GDAL utilities and OGR utilities.
  • \bin\gdal\csharp - Compiled binary files of the GDAL/OGR CSharp bindings.
  • \bin\gdal\java - Compiled binary files of the GDAL/OGR Java bindings.
  • \bin\gdal\python - Compiled binary files of the GDAL/OGR Python bindings.
  • \bin\gdal\plugins - GDAL plugin dll-s.
  • \bin\ms - Binary files of the MapServer related directories.
  • \bin\ms\apps - MapServer utilities.
  • \bin\ms\csharp - Compiled binary files of the MapScript CSharp bindings.
  • \bin\ms\java - Compiled binary files of the MapScript Java bindings.
  • \bin\ms\python - Compiled binary files of the MapScript Python bindings.
  • \bin\ms\plugins - MapServer plugin dll-s.
  • \bin\proj\apps - Contains the Proj.4 related utilities.
  • \doc - Contains package and version information files.
  • changelog.txt - Text file about the package changes.

General Installation Notes

In order to run the utility programs the compiled dll-s should be available to load during the execution. Therefore the PATH environment parameter should contain the full path to /bin directory of the package or the dlls in this directory should be copied into the directory from which the application (executable) is running

Installing the GDAL/OGR plugins

Some of the GDAL/OGR drivers/data sources have been compiled as plugin dlls located in the \bin\gdal\plugins subdirectory. When executing the GDAL/OGR related applications the plugins should be available to load by the driver manager. For this reason the corresponding dll-s should be copied into a \gdalplugins subdirectory from where the application executable is running. As an alternative solution the GDAL_DRIVER_PATH could also be set to point to the location of the plugin dll-s.

Note: When using the Oracle and SDE plugins be sure that the client libraries have been installed in the environment previously.

Using the MapServer plugins

The mapserver plugin dll-s can be found in the \bin\ms\plugins subdirectory. In order to use the plugins you have to modify the mapfile according to the following example:

   PLUGIN "msplugin_mssql2008.dll"
   CONNECTION "server=.\MSSQLSERVER2008;database=geodb;Integrated Security=true"
   DATA "geom from rivers WITH(INDEX(geom_sidx)) USING UNIQUE ID USING SRID=0"

Note: When using the Oracle and SDE plugins (Win32 packages only) be sure that the client libraries have been installed in the environment previously.

MapServer Version Information

The compiled MapServer reports the following version information. (mapserv -v)


Libraries used for the MapServer Compilation

MapServer have been compiled using the following dependent libraries

swig - 4.0.2
zlib - v1.3.1
jpeg - jpeg-9d
proj - 9.3.0
freetype - VER-2-11-0
harfbuzz - 3.0.0
geos - 3.10.2
gdal - v3.9.0
fcgi - 2.4.2
fribidi - v1.0.10
giflib - 5.0.5
cairo - cairo-1.16.0
libsvg - libsvg-0.5.0
libsvg-cairo - libsvg-cairo-0.5.0
pixman - pixman-0.40.0
fontconfig - fontconfig-2.13.94
pgsql - REL_14_0
iconv - libiconv-1.16
libxml2 - v2.9.12
oracle - instantclient_12_2
protobuf - v3.14.0
protobuf-c - v1.3.3

GDAL Version Information

The compiled GDAL reports the following version information. (gdalinfo --version)

GDAL 3.9.0, released 2024/05/07

Supported GDAL Formats

The compiled GDAL package reports the following supported formats. (gdalinfo --formats). For more information about the GDAL formats visit: GDAL Raster Formats

Supported Formats:
ECW -raster- (rw+): ERDAS Compressed Wavelets (SDK 5.5) (*.ecw)
JP2ECW -raster,vector- (rw+v): ERDAS JPEG2000 (SDK 5.5) (*.jp2)
FITS -raster,vector- (rw+): Flexible Image Transport System (*.fits)
GeoRaster -raster- (rw+s): Oracle Spatial GeoRaster
GIF -raster- (rwv): Graphics Interchange Format (.gif) (*.gif)
BIGGIF -raster- (rov): Graphics Interchange Format (.gif) (*.gif)
HDF4 -raster,multidimensional raster- (ros): Hierarchical Data Format Release 4 (*.hdf)
HDF4Image -raster- (rw+): HDF4 Dataset
HDF5 -raster,multidimensional raster- (rovs): Hierarchical Data Format Release 5 (*.h5, *.hdf5)
HDF5Image -raster- (rov): HDF5 Dataset
BAG -raster,multidimensional raster,vector- (rw+v): Bathymetry Attributed Grid (*.bag)
S102 -raster,multidimensional raster- (rovs): S-102 Bathymetric Surface Product (*.h5)
S104 -raster,multidimensional raster- (rov): S-104 Water Level Information for Surface Navigation Product (*.h5)
S111 -raster,multidimensional raster- (rov): Surface Currents Product (*.h5)
KEA -raster- (rw+v): KEA Image Format (.kea) (*.kea)
MrSID -raster- (rov): Multi-resolution Seamless Image Database (MrSID) (*.sid)
netCDF -raster,multidimensional raster,vector- (rw+s): Network Common Data Format (*.nc)
PDF -raster,vector- (rw+vs): Geospatial PDF (*.pdf)
VRT -raster,multidimensional raster- (rw+v): Virtual Raster (*.vrt)
GTI -raster- (rov): GDAL Raster Tile Index (*.gti.gpkg, *.gti.fgb, *.gti)
DERIVED -raster- (ro): Derived datasets using VRT pixel functions
GTiff -raster- (rw+vs): GeoTIFF (*.tif, *.tiff)
COG -raster- (wv): Cloud optimized GeoTIFF generator (*.tif, *.tiff)
NITF -raster- (rw+vs): National Imagery Transmission Format (*.ntf)
RPFTOC -raster- (rovs): Raster Product Format TOC format (*.toc)
ECRGTOC -raster- (rovs): ECRG TOC format (*.xml)
HFA -raster- (rw+v): Erdas Imagine Images (.img) (*.img)
SAR_CEOS -raster- (rov): CEOS SAR Image
CEOS -raster- (rov): CEOS Image
JAXAPALSAR -raster- (rov): JAXA PALSAR Product Reader (Level 1.1/1.5)
GFF -raster- (rov): Ground-based SAR Applications Testbed File Format (.gff) (*.gff)
ELAS -raster- (rw+v): ELAS
ESRIC -raster- (rov): Esri Compact Cache (*.json, *.tpkx)
AIG -raster- (rov): Arc/Info Binary Grid
AAIGrid -raster- (rwv): Arc/Info ASCII Grid (*.asc)
GRASSASCIIGrid -raster- (rov): GRASS ASCII Grid
ISG -raster- (rov): International Service for the Geoid (*.isg)
SDTS -raster- (rov): SDTS Raster (*.ddf)
DTED -raster- (rwv): DTED Elevation Raster (*.dt0, *.dt1, *.dt2)
PNG -raster- (rwv): Portable Network Graphics (*.png)
JPEG -raster- (rwv): JPEG JFIF (*.jpg, *.jpeg)
MEM -raster,multidimensional raster- (rw+): In Memory Raster
JDEM -raster- (rov): Japanese DEM (.mem) (*.mem)
ESAT -raster- (rov): Envisat Image Format (*.n1)
BSB -raster- (rov): Maptech BSB Nautical Charts (*.kap)
XPM -raster- (rwv): X11 PixMap Format (*.xpm)
BMP -raster- (rw+v): MS Windows Device Independent Bitmap (*.bmp)
DIMAP -raster- (rovs): SPOT DIMAP
AirSAR -raster- (rov): AirSAR Polarimetric Image
RS2 -raster- (rovs): RadarSat 2 XML Product
SAFE -raster- (rov): Sentinel-1 SAR SAFE Product
PCIDSK -raster,vector- (rw+v): PCIDSK Database File (*.pix)
PCRaster -raster- (rw+): PCRaster Raster File (*.map)
ILWIS -raster- (rw+v): ILWIS Raster Map (*.mpr, *.mpl)
SGI -raster- (rw+v): SGI Image File Format 1.0 (*.rgb)
SRTMHGT -raster- (rwv): SRTMHGT File Format (*.hgt)
Leveller -raster- (rw+v): Leveller heightfield (*.ter)
Terragen -raster- (rw+v): Terragen heightfield (*.ter)
ISIS3 -raster- (rw+v): USGS Astrogeology ISIS cube (Version 3) (*.lbl, *.cub)
ISIS2 -raster- (rw+v): USGS Astrogeology ISIS cube (Version 2)
PDS -raster- (rov): NASA Planetary Data System
PDS4 -raster,vector- (rw+vs): NASA Planetary Data System 4 (*.xml)
VICAR -raster,vector- (rw+v): MIPL VICAR file
TIL -raster- (rov): EarthWatch .TIL
ERS -raster- (rw+v): ERMapper .ers Labelled (*.ers)
JP2OpenJPEG -raster,vector- (rwv): JPEG-2000 driver based on JP2OpenJPEG library (*.jp2, *.j2k)
L1B -raster- (rovs): NOAA Polar Orbiter Level 1b Data Set
FIT -raster- (rwv): FIT Image
GRIB -raster,multidimensional raster- (rwv): GRIdded Binary (.grb, .grb2) (*.grb, *.grb2, *.grib2)
RMF -raster- (rw+v): Raster Matrix Format (*.rsw)
WCS -raster- (rovs): OGC Web Coverage Service
WMS -raster- (rwvs): OGC Web Map Service
MSGN -raster- (rov): EUMETSAT Archive native (.nat) (*.nat)
RST -raster- (rw+v): Idrisi Raster A.1 (*.rst)
GSAG -raster- (rwv): Golden Software ASCII Grid (.grd) (*.grd)
GSBG -raster- (rw+v): Golden Software Binary Grid (.grd) (*.grd)
GS7BG -raster- (rw+v): Golden Software 7 Binary Grid (.grd) (*.grd)
COSAR -raster- (rov): COSAR Annotated Binary Matrix (TerraSAR-X)
TSX -raster- (rov): TerraSAR-X Product
COASP -raster- (ro): DRDC COASP SAR Processor Raster (*.hdr)
R -raster- (rwv): R Object Data Store (*.rda)
MAP -raster- (rov): OziExplorer .MAP
KMLSUPEROVERLAY -raster- (rwv): Kml Super Overlay (*.kml, *.kmz)
WEBP -raster- (rwv): WEBP (*.webp)
Rasterlite -raster- (rwvs): Rasterlite (*.sqlite)
MBTiles -raster,vector- (rw+v): MBTiles (*.mbtiles)
PLMOSAIC -raster- (ro): Planet Labs Mosaics API
CALS -raster- (rwv): CALS (Type 1) (*.cal, *.ct1)
WMTS -raster- (rwv): OGC Web Map Tile Service
SENTINEL2 -raster- (rovs): Sentinel 2
MRF -raster- (rw+v): Meta Raster Format (*.mrf)
PNM -raster- (rw+v): Portable Pixmap Format (netpbm) (*.pgm, *.ppm, *.pnm)
DOQ1 -raster- (rov): USGS DOQ (Old Style)
DOQ2 -raster- (rov): USGS DOQ (New Style)
PAux -raster- (rw+v): PCI .aux Labelled
MFF -raster- (rw+v): Vexcel MFF Raster (*.hdr)
MFF2 -raster- (rw+): Vexcel MFF2 (HKV) Raster
GSC -raster- (rov): GSC Geogrid
FAST -raster- (rov): EOSAT FAST Format
BT -raster- (rw+v): VTP .bt (Binary Terrain) 1.3 Format (*.bt)
LAN -raster- (rw+v): Erdas .LAN/.GIS
CPG -raster- (rov): Convair PolGASP
NDF -raster- (rov): NLAPS Data Format
EIR -raster- (rov): Erdas Imagine Raw
DIPEx -raster- (rov): DIPEx
LCP -raster- (rwv): FARSITE v.4 Landscape File (.lcp) (*.lcp)
GTX -raster- (rw+v): NOAA Vertical Datum .GTX (*.gtx)
LOSLAS -raster- (rov): NADCON .los/.las Datum Grid Shift
NTv2 -raster- (rw+vs): NTv2 Datum Grid Shift (*.gsb, *.gvb)
CTable2 -raster- (rw+v): CTable2 Datum Grid Shift
ACE2 -raster- (rov): ACE2 (*.ACE2)
SNODAS -raster- (rov): Snow Data Assimilation System (*.hdr)
KRO -raster- (rw+v): KOLOR Raw (*.kro)
ROI_PAC -raster- (rw+v): ROI_PAC raster
RRASTER -raster- (rw+v): R Raster (*.grd)
BYN -raster- (rw+v): Natural Resources Canada's Geoid (*.byn, *.err)
NOAA_B -raster- (rov): NOAA GEOCON/NADCON5 .b format (*.b)
NSIDCbin -raster- (rov): NSIDC Sea Ice Concentrations binary (.bin) (*.bin)
RIK -raster- (rov): Swedish Grid RIK (.rik) (*.rik)
USGSDEM -raster- (rwv): USGS Optional ASCII DEM (and CDED) (*.dem)
GXF -raster- (rov): GeoSoft Grid Exchange Format (*.gxf)
NWT_GRD -raster- (rw+v): Northwood Numeric Grid Format .grd/.tab (*.grd)
NWT_GRC -raster- (rov): Northwood Classified Grid Format .grc/.tab (*.grc)
ADRG -raster- (rw+vs): ARC Digitized Raster Graphics (*.gen)
SRP -raster- (rovs): Standard Raster Product (ASRP/USRP) (*.img)
BLX -raster- (rwv): Magellan topo (.blx) (*.blx)
PostGISRaster -raster- (rws): PostGIS Raster driver
SAGA -raster- (rw+v): SAGA GIS Binary Grid (.sdat, .sg-grd-z) (*.sdat, *.sg-grd-z)
XYZ -raster- (rwv): ASCII Gridded XYZ (*.xyz)
HF2 -raster- (rwv): HF2/HFZ heightfield raster (*.hf2)
OZI -raster- (rov): OziExplorer Image File
CTG -raster- (rov): USGS LULC Composite Theme Grid
ZMap -raster- (rwv): ZMap Plus Grid (*.dat)
NGSGEOID -raster- (rov): NOAA NGS Geoid Height Grids (*.bin)
IRIS -raster- (rov): IRIS data (.PPI, .CAPPi etc) (*.ppi)
PRF -raster- (rov): Racurs PHOTOMOD PRF (*.prf)
EEDAI -raster- (ros): Earth Engine Data API Image
DAAS -raster- (ro): Airbus DS Intelligence Data As A Service driver
SIGDEM -raster- (rwv): Scaled Integer Gridded DEM .sigdem (*.sigdem)
TGA -raster- (rov): TGA/TARGA Image File Format (*.tga)
OGCAPI -raster,vector- (rov): OGCAPI
STACTA -raster- (rovs): Spatio-Temporal Asset Catalog Tiled Assets (*.json)
STACIT -raster- (rovs): Spatio-Temporal Asset Catalog Items
GPKG -raster,vector- (rw+vs): GeoPackage (*.gpkg, *.gpkg.zip)
OpenFileGDB -raster,vector- (rw+v): ESRI FileGDB (*.gdb)
CAD -raster,vector- (rovs): AutoCAD Driver (*.dwg)
PLSCENES -raster,vector- (ro): Planet Labs Scenes API
NGW -raster,vector- (rw+s): NextGIS Web
GenBin -raster- (rov): Generic Binary (.hdr Labelled)
ENVI -raster- (rw+v): ENVI .hdr Labelled
EHdr -raster- (rw+v): ESRI .hdr Labelled (*.bil)
ISCE -raster- (rw+v): ISCE raster
Zarr -raster,multidimensional raster- (rw+vs): Zarr
HTTP -raster,vector- (ro): HTTP Fetching Wrapper

Supported OGR Formats

The compiled OGR package reports the following supported formats. (ogrinfo --formats) For more information about the OGR formats visit: OGR Vector Formats

Supported Formats:
JP2ECW -raster,vector- (rw+v): ERDAS JPEG2000 (SDK 5.5) (*.jp2)
FileGDB -vector- (rw+): ESRI FileGDB (*.gdb)
FITS -raster,vector- (rw+): Flexible Image Transport System (*.fits)
BAG -raster,multidimensional raster,vector- (rw+v): Bathymetry Attributed Grid (*.bag)
netCDF -raster,multidimensional raster,vector- (rw+s): Network Common Data Format (*.nc)
OCI -vector- (rw+): Oracle Spatial
ODBC -vector- (ro): (*.mdb, *.accdb)
PDF -raster,vector- (rw+vs): Geospatial PDF (*.pdf)
PCIDSK -raster,vector- (rw+v): PCIDSK Database File (*.pix)
PDS4 -raster,vector- (rw+vs): NASA Planetary Data System 4 (*.xml)
VICAR -raster,vector- (rw+v): MIPL VICAR file
JP2OpenJPEG -raster,vector- (rwv): JPEG-2000 driver based on JP2OpenJPEG library (*.jp2, *.j2k)
MBTiles -raster,vector- (rw+v): MBTiles (*.mbtiles)
EEDA -vector- (ro): Earth Engine Data API
OGCAPI -raster,vector- (rov): OGCAPI
ESRI Shapefile -vector- (rw+v): ESRI Shapefile (*.shp, *.dbf, *.shz, *.shp.zip)
MapInfo File -vector- (rw+v): MapInfo File (*.tab, *.mif, *.mid)
UK .NTF -vector- (rov): UK .NTF
LVBAG -vector- (rov): Kadaster LV BAG Extract 2.0 (*.xml)
OGR_SDTS -vector- (rov): SDTS
S57 -vector- (rw+v): IHO S-57 (ENC) (*.000)
DGN -vector- (rw+v): Microstation DGN (*.dgn)
OGR_VRT -vector- (rov): VRT - Virtual Datasource (*.vrt)
Memory -vector- (rw+): Memory
CSV -vector- (rw+v): Comma Separated Value (.csv) (*.csv, *.tsv, *.psv)
NAS -vector- (rov): NAS - ALKIS (*.xml)
GML -vector- (rw+v): Geography Markup Language (GML) (*.gml, *.xml)
GPX -vector- (rw+v): GPX (*.gpx)
LIBKML -vector- (rw+v): Keyhole Markup Language (LIBKML) (*.kml, *.kmz)
KML -vector- (rw+v): Keyhole Markup Language (KML) (*.kml)
GeoJSON -vector- (rw+v): GeoJSON (*.json, *.geojson)
GeoJSONSeq -vector- (rw+v): GeoJSON Sequence (*.geojsonl, *.geojsons)
ESRIJSON -vector- (rov): ESRIJSON (*.json)
TopoJSON -vector- (rov): TopoJSON (*.json, *.topojson)
Interlis 1 -vector- (rw+v): Interlis 1 (*.itf, *.ili)
Interlis 2 -vector- (rw+v): Interlis 2 (*.xtf, *.xml, *.ili)
OGR_GMT -vector- (rw+v): GMT ASCII Vectors (.gmt) (*.gmt)
GPKG -raster,vector- (rw+vs): GeoPackage (*.gpkg, *.gpkg.zip)
SQLite -vector- (rw+v): SQLite / Spatialite (*.sqlite, *.db)
WAsP -vector- (rw+v): WAsP .map format (*.map)
PGeo -vector- (ro): ESRI Personal GeoDatabase (*.mdb)
MSSQLSpatial -vector- (rw+): Microsoft SQL Server Spatial Database
OGR_OGDI -vector- (ro): OGDI Vectors (VPF, VMAP, DCW)
PostgreSQL -vector- (rw+): PostgreSQL/PostGIS
MySQL -vector- (rw+): MySQL
OpenFileGDB -raster,vector- (rw+v): ESRI FileGDB (*.gdb)
DXF -vector- (rw+v): AutoCAD DXF (*.dxf)
CAD -raster,vector- (rovs): AutoCAD Driver (*.dwg)
FlatGeobuf -vector- (rw+v): FlatGeobuf (*.fgb)
Geoconcept -vector- (rw+v): Geoconcept (*.gxt, *.txt)
GeoRSS -vector- (rw+v): GeoRSS
VFK -vector- (ro): Czech Cadastral Exchange Data Format (*.vfk)
PGDUMP -vector- (w+v): PostgreSQL SQL dump (*.sql)
OSM -vector- (rov): OpenStreetMap XML and PBF (*.osm, *.pbf)
GPSBabel -vector- (rw+): GPSBabel (*.mps, *.gdb, *.osm, *.tcx, *.igc)
OGR_PDS -vector- (rov): Planetary Data Systems TABLE
WFS -vector- (rov): OGC WFS (Web Feature Service)
OAPIF -vector- (ro): OGC API - Features
EDIGEO -vector- (rov): French EDIGEO exchange format (*.thf)
SVG -vector- (rov): Scalable Vector Graphics (*.svg)
Idrisi -vector- (rov): Idrisi Vector (.vct) (*.vct)
XLS -vector- (ro): MS Excel format (*.xls)
ODS -vector- (rw+v): Open Document/ LibreOffice / OpenOffice Spreadsheet (*.ods)
XLSX -vector- (rw+v): MS Office Open XML spreadsheet (*.xlsx, *.xlsm)
Elasticsearch -vector- (rw+): Elastic Search
Carto -vector- (rw+): Carto
AmigoCloud -vector- (rw+): AmigoCloud
SXF -vector- (rov): Storage and eXchange Format (*.sxf)
Selafin -vector- (rw+v): Selafin
JML -vector- (rw+v): OpenJUMP JML (*.jml)
PLSCENES -raster,vector- (ro): Planet Labs Scenes API
CSW -vector- (ro): OGC CSW (Catalog Service for the Web)
VDV -vector- (rw+v): VDV-451/VDV-452/INTREST Data Format (*.txt, *.x10)
GMLAS -vector- (rwv): Geography Markup Language (GML) driven by application schemas (*.gml, *.xml)
MVT -vector- (rw+v): Mapbox Vector Tiles (*.mvt, *.mvt.gz, *.pbf)
NGW -raster,vector- (rw+s): NextGIS Web
MapML -vector- (rw+v): MapML
GTFS -vector- (rov): General Transit Feed Specification (*.zip)
PMTiles -vector- (rw+v): ProtoMap Tiles (*.pmtiles)
JSONFG -vector- (rw+v): OGC Features and Geometries JSON (*.json)
MiraMonVector -vector- (rw+v): MiraMon Vectors (.pol, .arc, .pnt) (*.pol, *.arc, *.pnt)
TIGER -vector- (rov): U.S. Census TIGER/Line
AVCBin -vector- (rov): Arc/Info Binary Coverage
AVCE00 -vector- (rov): Arc/Info E00 (ASCII) Coverage (*.e00)
HTTP -raster,vector- (ro): HTTP Fetching Wrapper

Libraries used for the GDAL Compilation

GDAL have been compiled using the following dependent libraries

swig - 4.0.2
zlib - v1.3.1
python - Python310-32
libpng - lpng1637
geos - 3.10.2
pgsql - REL_14_0
libcurl - curl-8_7_1
openssl - openssl-3.3.0
sqlite - 3.37.2
spatialite - libspatialite-5.1.0
iconv - libiconv-1.16
librttopo - librttopo-1.1.0
freexl - freexl-2.0.0
pcre - pcre-8.44
xerces - Xerces-C_3_2_2
expat - R_2_4_4
ogdi - ogdi_4_1_0
libwebp - v1.3.2
boost - boost-1.75.0
kml - 1.3.0
poppler - poppler-0.89.0
openjpeg - v2.4.0
libtiff - v4.6.0
zstd - v1.5.0
libgeotiff - 1.7.1
cfitsio - cfitsio-3.49
hdf5 - hdf5-1_12_0
szip - szip-2.1.1
kealib - kealib-1.4.14
hdf4 - hdf-4.2.13
ecw - ERDAS ECW JPEG 2000 SDK 5.5.0
filegdb - FileGDB_API_1_5_1-VS2017
mrsid - MrSID_DSDK-
oracle - instantclient_12_2
netcdf - v4.8.1
proj - 9.3.0